Our Process


Our Process


CoXist is a full-service architecture firm based in Austin, TX specializing in custom homes and boutique commercial spaces. At coXist, we design with a conscience effort to understand and integrate site context, human experience, and rich contextual materials. We believe architecture is a series of moments that when strung together, tell a story that can enhance the connections between people and spaces to better your everyday life. We strive to create architecture that reflects humanity, structures that invite nature, and materials that live in harmony with design. 

Our focus is not only on high-quality design, but on the service we provide for our clients. With a high-end design background, we understand what it takes to design quality projects. We apply the same service philosophy for all our clients, no matter the scale of the project. 

Our high level of communication and close attention to the details on each project ensures every project is a success. We want to take the load and pressures of the construction process off of our clients so they can focus on enjoying their home and the transformative design experience.

We are experienced in providing a full scope of services for our clients. However, we understand that each client has a different set of requirements so we gave varying levels of service to address the needs individually.